The way of righteousness for the nations

Chapter 20 - Resources

I've been through a lot throughout this little superficial study. I call it superficial because in no way have I gone in to the real ins and outs of these principles which I believe are so important. But I believe there are resources that go deeper than I, or that have a different viewpoint that can educate, or that simply exist in order to show others that there are other like-minded non-Jews in the world. If the websites don't go deeper, then they may link to a book you can buy, or a file you can download which teaches you more. So, for the purposes of this series, I'm going to list all the Noahide websites that I know of to help those who are searching for information.

One thing you may notice is the almost complete dearth (I love that word - it means "famine", "shortage" or "lack") of websites that have my Karaite-like approach, i.e., not accepting the divinity of the oral law whilst having a huge respect for it. What can I say? Not much! So let me just give those important resources (which can also be found in my links page). As usual, I'll just say that I don't agree with everything on these sites, but honestly, who agrees exactly with anyone else? I respect these guys for the work they do, so give them a look, and, if you can, please give your support!

RECOMMENDED!!! - Oklahoma B'nai Noach Society: A fantastic Noahide site with great information into how to serve Deity through prayer and action. - B'nai Noach -Rachav: A very useful and informative Noahide site. - Beni-Noah: Rabbi Schwartz's own page, potentially very useful! - Bnai-Noach The Seven Laws of Noach - Chavurath B'nei Noach: Another informative noahide site - Derech Ben Noach: A nice solid informative website - Dr. Akiva Belk of defines Noahide-Spirituality the origin of all beliefs. A bit abstract for me, but you may get something from it. - Emmanuel Study Centre, another informative site. - High Council of B'nei Noah: A prominent yet quiet website. - JAHG-USA Web Site: A good site for building a background in the non-Jewish way of righteousness. - - Home Page: Another great informative site. - Root & Branch Association Home Page: A small but possibly useful networking site.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! - The Creed of Noah Index ( If there is any site you must go to, it is this!

RECOMMENDED!!! - - the Noahide Laws and more! Another foundational site with opportunities to learn, and one of the best articles on the limits of science.

RECOMMENDED!!! - The Rainbow Covenant Foundation website: A great site with friendly people, and a very very useful book you can buy. - The Noahides Home Page: Fantastic little page! - Noahide Seven Commandments: FatherNer (Rabbi Dr. Z Aviner), the Author of These are Noah's Words is proud to have his bible classes available for you to view online. (A nice link site)

RECOMMENDED!!! - Main Page - English Wikinoah: You want information on the ins and outs of the rabbinic view of the Noahide Laws, come here! - NoahideNations.Com: There's something for everyone here. I just don't know how much each bit costs. - Informative Noahides website from the UK. - Les 7 lois pour l'humanité: Don't be put off by the french (if you're not french), the info is in english.

RECOMMENDED!!! - Hasidic University - Universal Theocratic Law for Non-Jews (620 commandments): Surprised? Thought there were just 7, or 30, or 66 laws. This site shows there's much more to it. Very useful! - Center for First Covenant Studies: actually has a course in the Noahide Laws!

Now these are only the Noahide pages. You can find more information amongst Jewish sites, although they won't be so focused on the Noahide issue and the relevant pages may not be easy to find. My links page has numerous interesting links that may help. Also there may be some links mentioned throughout this series which may be helpful too.

Please feel free to go to their websites. Don't worry at all if they disagree with what I say, or if you disagree with something that they say or something that I say! Just take the good that you can and leave what you can't take for now. As long as you proceed to reach closer and closer to truth and to our Creator.

May the Almighty bless you! (I ain't finished yet! I'm still gonna conclude! I just want to show my good intentions towards my reader[s])





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